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My full name is Simon Mark Knott - B.A.(Hons) , a Artist, living in the center of England, UK... in the lovely Countryside of Worcestershire by the River Severn. My Art career started at Hereford Collage of Art & Design, which inspired my creativity and Artistic nature. I then went on to get a B.A.(Hons) Degree at Birmingham, where studied 3D Design. This enabled me to set up my own business making 3D Creative Designs for Schools :) But I always enjoyed the creatitivy of painting and drawing... So I now specialize in Contemporary Fine Art using a wide range of mediums * Oils | Acylic | Watercolour | Pencil ! I love to experiment... so you will see Multi-Medium used in my Art * AWARDS - British Design in Japan & Heals of London Furniture Design * Thank you for looking around my Fine Art Website *

Simon Mark Knott * B.A. =^.^=

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